Nominate a strata star!

Who is that strata professional that has made a significant contribution to their workplace or community? Have you been the busy team member who has had a meaningful impact upon your organisation? Consider nominating yourself, or another outstanding colleague, for the SCA (Qld) Strata Community Awards!

The SCA (Qld) 2020 Awards will recognise and celebrate our most outstanding individuals; those who have driven efficient processes, achieved financial success, motivated teams, promoted innovation or made important contributions to their community.

Participation in the awards can enhance your business relationships, boost your profile and form part of your professional development.

The categories are:

  • Strata Community Manager Rising Star Award
  • Strata Community Manager Award

  • Senior Strata Community Manager Award

  • Strata Community Management Business (Small) Award

  • Strata Community Management Business (Large) Award
  • Essay Award

  • Support Team Member Award

The 2020 Strata Community Awards has several changes, including a few brand-new categories to increase transparency and ensure similar members and member organisations are grouped together.

Submissions are due 5th February!

The Best and Brightest from 2019!

Congratulations to all the Strata Community Award winners for 2019. The high-quality of submissions, along with the record number of nominations, meant the judges had some particularly head-scratching decisions to make. However, after much deliberation and careful analysis the following winners were announced at the 2019 Conference and Awards Dinner:

Strata Community Manager Award Winner:
Renée Sullivan, CSTM/Sound Body Corporate Management

Strata Community Manager Rising Star Award Winner:
Clare Stuart, Bright & Duggan

Strata Community Management Large Business Award:
Cambridge Management Services

Ann Shevill Essay Award:
Julie MacCarthy, Capitol Body Corporate Administration

Support Team Member Award:
Briana Edgecombe, Cambridge Management Services

President’s Award:
Andrew Suttie

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