The third South-East Queensland Plan has been released revealing 60% infill targets and 40% greenfield to provide for the estimated 810,000 new dwellings needed by 2041.

seqEntitled "Shaping SEQ" the Draft South East Queensland Plan supports growth of land, housing, jobs and infrastructure and addresses challenges such as affordability, the 'missing middle' and working with communities. It is anticipated that SEQ's population will more than double over the next 25 years with 5.35 million people living in SEQ by 2041 (there were 3.37m people in 2015). There are concerns that the number of people aged 65+ will also more than double by 2041 and that different housing needs will arise out of this. 

810,000 new dwellings will be needed by 2041 and around a million jobs will be required. 

The Plan outlines how the urban footprint in SEQ will be expanded by 21,800 hectares with one major new development area (Beerwah East) ad 11 potential future growth areas. A focus will be on infill and renewal. In 2005 the first SEQ plan had 40% infill, in 2009 there was a shift to 50% with now 60% infill envisaged. In the past 5 years 70% of the dwelling approvals in SEQ were infill.

Read more about the SEQ Plan here.

Regional Planning Maps are available here.





Posted 14/11/16