SCA holds various events across Australia to educate, inform and share the knowledge of its respective members. Please click on the 'SEARCH' link to look for upcoming seminar events in your area.

Brisbane & Webinar Offerings 

SCA (Qld) offers short, concise 50 minute CPD seminars, available to members in all regions. Brisbane members can attend in the classroom whereas members from across the country can register to attend via webinar. The webinar is fully digital and can be run anywhere with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer with videostreaming facilities. Webinar attendees will be able to participate and ask questions. Give it a try today!

Register here

Note: Non-Members are not entitled to register for SCA (Qld) events and seminars.


Cancellation within more than 4 weeks before the  event – cancellation incurs 10% administration processing fee, 90% will be refunded.

Cancellation within 4 weeks of up to 24 business hours before the event, a 50% administration fee applies or a transfer to another person or hold over is possible (to the next event in the same region). 50% will be refunded  up to 24 business hours of the event. 

Cancellation within less than 24 business hours of an event no transfer or cancellation is permitted and all fees are forfeited for no shows. 0% will be refunded if cancelled within 24 business hours of the event.

* If registration is held over it must be the next event following the one registered for. Transfers are not permitted for the substituting event. No shows at this event will mean you are forfeiting any fees previously paid and no refunds or further holding over will be possible.

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