SCA (Qld) is saddened by the news that life member Delwyn Ross Linkhorn passed away on Sunday, 30 October 2016, aged 85.


Del LinkhornDel's funeral was held on Monday afternoon, 7 November 2016 at Maroochydore with a large group of mourners  in attendance which was a clear cross section of the esteem that Del was held in by the community.

There were members from SCA (Qld), ARAMA, The Legal Fraternity, various individuals from the SES /police and the RSL, Michael Hurley said, as well as friends and Del's wider family from Australia and New Zealand . 

A sad loss to SCA (Qld) and the Strata and Resident Manager's community, Del was a driver of SCA in its early days. 

Del joined SCA (Qld) (formerly the Body Corporate Managers Institute of Queensland) in 1995 and was soon associated with the development and delivery of the Introduction to body corporate management course offered by BCMIQ/CTIQ to new and prospective body corporate managers. The task of creating this course was immense and the organisation was fortunate insofar as Del was also responsible for its delivery.  From this position he was able to verify that training was provided in a fashion that ensured that the learning outcomes were achieved by the candidates.  By monitoring the assessments Del was able to identify any deficiencies in either the course content or delivery and adapt the course to address these. Del was one of the first ones to undertake the TAFE Certificate IV in Body Corporate Management. 

In 1999 Del joined the Board of Directors where he was able to draw on his experience as a Resident Manager and body corporate manager. He served as BCMIQ Secretary (non-Director role) from 1997 to 1999.

After retirement he continued to assist in providing reports on lot entitlements to the courts and remuneration reports for Resident Managers.

Del Linkhorn has crossed paths with almost anyone who has worked in the industry in the last 20 years and was awarded Life Membership in 2004. Fellow Scott Simpson who has worked closely with him for many years said that he was a likeable character with a positive outlook that was infectious to others and he will be sadly missed. "I used to describe him as one of the grandfathers of the industry and his knowledge and mentorship was very valuable in forming my career," Scott said.  Fellow Michael Hurley said that Del was on a continuing quest to improve the qualification and education in the Strata profession and industry prior to and after his retirement. Del is also a Life Member of the Australian Resident Accommodation Managers’ Association (ARAMA).Collage Del LinkhornNote the article claims Del became Board member in 1995 which is incorrect - he became a member in 1995 and a Board member in 1999.


Posted 14/11/16