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Strata Community Association (SCA) Strata Manager Accreditation Pathway provides nationally recognised professional qualifications for strata managers. Consumers now demand it and strata managers, in order to remain up-to-date and competitive, need to have it.

  • Each state determines its own CPD requirements. SCA (Qld) has implemented the pathway in 2014 and some transitional experienced-based pathways have been created. 
  • Each level of accreditation includes specific obligations for the member to undergo continuing professional development (CPD) to maintain their accreditation status.
  • Click here for an overview of the SCA (Qld) accreditation pathway


Consumers need to have a high level of trust with those who manage property on their behalf. The strata sector accounts for half a trillion dollar’s worth of assets, hence SCA (Qld) is committed to providing members with the tools to manage strata schemes efficiently and professionally.

For consumers:

Accreditation provides a way to identify strata managers who have submitted themselves to a code of ethics and undertake continuing professional development, so creating security, trust, professionalism and recognition.

For the strata industry:

Accreditation enables strata managers to gain professional recognition, and thereby a competitive advantage, which can enhance their business, and help build a long term career. Consequently, accreditation works to raise strata industry standards overall.

Specifically it helps ensure strata managers:

  • are aware of relevant and current legislation
  • follow the specific requirements of legislation
  • adhere to best practice
  • adopt current procedures
  • commit to clerical excellence and
  • continually enhance their managerial and meeting chairmanship skills.


Strata managers seeking accreditation must:

  • be members of SCA (Qld)
  • submit to our code of ethics
  • undertake additional training or submit evidence of their competency


The program has been developed by the SCA Member and Accreditation Working Group which included state and territory representatives. A professional standards committee oversees  the Queensland accreditation program and liaises with the events and seminar committee to facilitate the delivery of education programs and accreditation of individuals under the national framework.


There are four levels of accreditation with the following requirements:  

Accredited Strata Community Manager


  • Membership & adherence to SCA (Qld) Code of Conduct, plus
  • Mandatory introductory course (minimum two days with completion of competency questionnaire), or
  • Two years membership with evidence of on-job or employer training (proven via CPD points balance), and where applicable satisfactory completion of competency questionnaire 
  • Ongoing CPD requirements (as per policy)

Certified Strata Community Manager


  • Membership & adherence to SCA (Qld) Code of Ethics, plus
  • Cert IV in Property Services (Operations) or Strata plus minimum of 2 years experience or
  • Other equivalent Cert IV level qualification subject on a case by case assessment by SCA (Qld) Education Committee and approval of SCA (Qld) Board plus minimum 2 years experience
  • Ongoing CPD requirements (as per policy).

Practicing Strata Community Manager


Currently not open for application

Fellow Strata Community Manager


  • Not open for application
  • Existing SCA (Qld) Fellows and/or Life Members appointed by the Board of Directors.


  • The accreditation level sought. Full name, contact details (mail, phone, email). Years in industry. Years of membership. Employer. Previous employer if less than three years. Declaration regarding criminal history.
  • Evidence of qualifications and application/declaration to be signed by applicant and by Principal/Manager where applicant is an employee of member company, the Franchisor where a applicant is a franchisee or otherwise supported by a statutory declaration where self-employed, sole trader or employee of non-member company. 


Application forms are online:

Membership Forms

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