New Directors welcomed to the Board

by Simon Barnard, SCA (Qld) President

Our Annual General Meeting on Thursday, 20 October 2016 attracted more than 130 ballot papers as six Directors nominated for five positions. 

I would like to congratulate and welcome the new Directors elected for the 2016-2018 term: Jason Carlson, Ian D'Arcy, Michael Hurley, James Nickless and Sue Seymour to our Board of Directors.

They join existing Directors Ric Allard, Kerri Anton, Simon Barnard, James Freestun, Kay Trimble and Kelly Roberts.

The new blood on the Board is welcome as we head into the new phase of negotiating the property law review which seems to have been stuck for a year now. Two solicitors joining the Board should play in our favour given the recent release of the Lot Entitlements Report and in anticipation for our meeting with the Attorney-General in November to discuss the importance of law reform and ensure she understands that we will continue our pressure on the government. 

While three Directors have previously served on the Board we are pleased to see two new Directors take up the challenges and opportunities.img_1712-2

I must thank retiring Directors Colin Archer, Alan Buckle and Andrew Suttie for their many years of service to the Queensland membership.

Life Member Colin Archer has served almost thirty years with only one year off, leaving an impressive legacy, setting standards and developing the organisation. His current tenure was continuously from 2002. He served as Presimg_1757-5ident twice and his passion and hands on approach has been critical to moving on to a national brand.

Fellow Alan Buckle has supported the Board as Vice President and Senior Vice President during his Board time which commenced in 2006. Alan's analytical and measured approach has advanced many of our operations and streamlined policies and procedures. img_1768-2

Fellow Andrew Suttie served from 2012 chairing the Legislation Committee and supporting SCA (Qld)'s advocacy agenda. He contributed to a dozen submissions during this time and assisted SCA (Qld) with delivering quality presentations to members. 

We are looking forward to continue a very productive and efficient Board whichimg_1758-2 has a clear strategic plan directing its course.

Posted 2016-10-24