Membership Policy Amended

Recognising the start-up market and their endeavor to participate in education, the Board has adopted new guidelines allowing provisional membership.

captureProvisional Membership enables new strata management companies or those that endeavour to become an full member to utilise SCA (Qld) member only seminars to train up their staff and eventually fulfill the requirements of membership with SCA (Qld). This membership has limitations in its rights and works on the basis that at least one individual in the member firm enrolls in the Certificate IV in Strata to become a Certified Strata Community Manager. Previous members or those who have a qualified Certified Strata Community Manager cannot  apply for this sub-category.

It is at the Board’s discretion to grant exceptions where a new strata management business is unable to fulfill the requirement of nominating a qualified staff as recognised in the accreditation pathway, i.e. who can be nominated as the certified member to SCA (Qld) as per clause Strata Management firms or businesses that have commenced offering body corporate administration services as defined in Section 14 of the BCCM Act and are not returning members as defined in clause 2.2. can apply for provisional membership with SCA (Qld) on the basis that

  • They fulfill all ethical standards required of members
  • The company must carry professional indemnity insurance, currently prescribed by the board as a minimum of $2,000,000
  • the applicant cannot be declared bankrupt or have been convicted of an offence involving dishonesty
  • They immediately proof enrollment of at least one employee to obtain a Certificate IV in Strata within a maximum timeframe of 24 months for completion
  • They will not be entitled to use the SCA (Qld) Template Agreements
  • They will not be listed as a member business in the SCA (Qld) Directory
  • They will not be entitled to carry postnominals
  • The individual members will be entry level members and upon completion of the Certificate IV in strata may apply for CSCM membership
  • They will be able to promote SCA (Qld) Provisional Membership


The application will not meet  the criteria guidelines where the applicant/nominee  is not of good repute within the industry, has outstanding commissioner orders concerning practice standards, or where there is a history of commissioner orders of concern about practice standards and/or ethical issues.

 Provisional Members or businesses considering provisional membership may be granted events access which is otherwise member only. In such a case, the individual attending has to pay full fees applicable and is entitled to a consultation with SCA staff or Board members. Within twelve months this individual may also attend one Networking event (at the estimated cost per person). No further event or seminar participation shall be granted unless they take up corporate membership.

All SCA (Qld) events and seminars are member only.

Access the full Membership Policy (Version Nov 2016) here.


Posted 14/11/2016